SJC WalkSt. Joseph’s Convent, Panchgani  is an iconic institution, which has served the society by being an epitome of selfless work to give education to girls. This institute for the last 120 years has tirelessly worked in imparting the wealth of education to women even when this was not a norm in the society. All those who are a product of this institute, will tell you the values it inculcated of being a fine human being to make a difference to this world.


This century old prestigious institute is in a difficult time. SJC is on lease land which was for a period of 99 years and this has lapsed some time back. The school authorities have applied for its renewal and are continuing to pursue the matter with the government. This renewal requires funds and being a Non – Profit Institute, it does not have enough funds. Hence, our sisters have thought of appealing to all for their co-operation to raise these funds.


The ex-students of SJC Panchgani are assisting the sisters in the process of getting the approvals and are helping them raise the funds.


It takes years to build good institutes like these and its every individual’s responsibility to see them being preserved, as what tomorrow we want for our children is what will be build now in the education we give today.


You can do your bit by supporting the fundraising cause: SJC – Walk for Charity.


On March 1st 2015 a Charity Walk is being organized in Mumbai on Equal Streets – Bandra Linking Road to bring awareness and support for our cause.


You can help by

  1. Participating in the Walk. You can go online and register for the walk – . There may be some of you’ll abroad, busy or simply not in Mumbai on March 1st 2015 even then Do register as that helps us raise funds.
  2. For the large hearted, there is an option to donate with registration, we urge you to consider this as it will make a Big difference!

This will be a fun event and we promise that it will make your day! Come Participate, DONATE!


For Group bookings and off line registrations or any query contact Jane: +91 9323599450, Shainaz – +91 9892772503



Thanking You.

SJC Girls !